Initially started in 2002 by a small group of bicycle racing and fitness enthusiasts, Team VeloSport has since grown to one of Orange County’s largest cycling organization with nearly 600 active members. It’s membership is based in Orange County as well as surrounding communities but some members come from as far away as Los Angeles County and San Diego County and we even have a few from out-of-state. Based out of the Rock N’ Road Cyclery stores in Orange County, California, Team VeloSport attracts experienced riders and racers as well as beginner and recreational cyclists who are looking for great, scenic rides that only Southern California can provide.

Team VeloSport is a United States Cycling Federation (USCF) registered club that actively promotes the sport of bike racing, however, the team shares their enthusiasm with those unfamiliar with cycling and is open to all disciplines and levels of cycling ability. The club’s goals are to present cycling in a positive light to our community, promote safe, responsible cycling, and enjoy the fun atmosphere of group cycling.

Since inception, Team VeloSport has won several state and national titles and is currently sponsored by more than 20 companies that all have a passion for cycling.

Giving back to the community is important to the club and many events are scheduled each year with local charities and organizations that provide a chance to volunteer for Team VeloSport members. With many members of the club working and organizing trail maintenance events to fundraising for needy families and volunteering at cycling related events throughout Southern California, it’s easy to see how the club has grown so to the size it currently is.

Team VeloSport is run entirely on a volunteer basis and meets regularly in various locations for weekly group rides (road and mtn bike) as well as quarterly meetings and special events. For more information on the club, email us and if you think you’d like to join the team click here or for the junior team membership sign up here.